Launching JNR's Quality Management System in the Call Center of Enternet

Enternet 2001 Ltd. has entrusted JNR-Communications Ltd. to support its Call Center operations, decrease maintenance costs and ensure smooth operations in the long run by installing their Quality Management System.

The customized Performance Evaluation and Motivation model was continually launched from July to August 2005 by JNR.

Let us analyse the evaluation of key performance indicators below:

I. Evaluation of Service Level and Utilisation:

Basis of the comparison is the month of December in 2004 and 2005 since following from the nature of busines activities this period is the peakest of the year with 2 times as much volume of contacts than regularly. Analyzing these numbers we can evaluate the difference in capacity of the previous and the newly installed system. Having compared the volumes it can be seen that the Service Level increased by 13% owing to the 21% growth in Utilisation. Now we will reveal the backstage reasons for the improvement in Utilisation.

II. II. Evolution of operator performance

The Performance Evaluation system developed by JNR was installed and has been active since September 2005 showing us the difference between working with or without that. The chart shows the distribution of working hours for CC operators. To sum up all the noticed we can see a 11 % increase in availibility and talk time when inbound calls were actually handled by operators or they were idle waiting for inbound calls to answer. As a result less operators can handle the same amount of calls at a higher Service Level.
Finally let us take a look at the evolution of transaction costs in line with SL.

III. The evolution of transaction costs

Evolving of costs is based on the quarterly data before and after using the JNR Quality Management System.

Paralell to meeting required SL we can see a massive 32% decrease in transaction costs.

Summarizing all the results and evolution of figures it can be stated that applying the customized Quality Management System developed by JNR maintenance costs have decreased and Utilisation increased supporting the whole firm in acting succesfully and achieving targeted goals.





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